Why You Need a Blog Editor

There comes a point in every blogger’s life where they realize they need help. Whether they hire a Virtual Assistant to help with little every day tasks or they reach out for contributors for content, bloggers need help.

There’s one area of blogging that bloggers, including myself, tend to skip. An editor. Think about your blog like a newspaper or a magazine. They all have editors. Someone to go over every article for grammatical errors and make sure that the stories flow.  So why shouldn’t a blogger have an editor to do the same for them?

why you need a blog editor

Why You Need a Blog Editor

Everyone, even professional bloggers, can benefit from another set of eyes to read over their words to catch grammar, spelling, and word-usage errors. Besides those little things, an editor can help a blogger with consistency and clarity in their posts.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring an editor is that it gives you the opportunity to focus on the joy of writing while your editor takes on the editing and proofreading process. This lets you as the writer write freely and creatively without stressing about spelling and grammar. With the help of your blog editor, your post will have a polished look and sound to them. This is especially helpful when writing reviews/sponsored posts for brands or companies.

A blog editor should be looked at as a trusted ally. Your editor will get to know you very well and should understand your personality and voice. They also will become a sounding board. Somone you can bounce your ideas off of which will motivate you to plan your editorial calendar and write ahead.


Are you ready for a blog editor? 


8303604983_03bb1077eb-199x300Lisa of For Love of Words offers an affordable editing service that is both fast and thorough. As an editor, she  enjoys getting to know the bloggers she works with and developing positive working relationships with them! Her rates are personalized based on your’s normal posting schedule, average post length, and desired level of editing (i.e. simple proofreading vs. complete content editing).


If you’re ready to take your blog to the next level and need a little help, contact Lisa to learn how she can help you out!


Disclosure: Thanks to For Love of Words for being a sponsor of A Grande Life and sharing their valuable service helping out bloggers like me. All opinions are my own. 

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