Will It Ever Get Done?

Remember that massive list I posted a while back and then how I posted that I was getting things accomplished? Why does it feel like nothing is getting done? Seriously. I have been working on crossing things off that list and it seems like nothing is done. It has to be the hormones, right?

Let’s revisit that list shall we.

Get baby’s room cleaned and straightened up.
I am convinced this will always be a work in progress. It will never done. At least the crib is almost back together and he will have somewhere to sleep! {Maybe.}

Wash baby clothes and put away.
I am proud to say that this is 100% done…until people buy me more clothes and then they need to be washed and put away. This child has so many clothes, he will never get to wear them all. He will outgrow them. I am going to have to change him 3-4 times a day to wear them all! STOP BUYING CLOTHES. Send diapers instead.

Get carseat from Mom & Dad’s.
This has been done for a while now. We just need to install it in the car!

Buy E’s new carseat.
Technically, this is done. I would like to replace the carseat in the hubster’s car so that still needs to be done.

Buy double stroller.
Another thing completely done. We just need to clean out the trunk of my car and make sure it fits in there!

Buy new bottles.
I have put this one on hold. I have no idea what bottles to buy and which ones the baby will take to anyway. I have some Dr. Brown’s left over with E {they did not work for E AT ALL!} and some Avent. I plan to try those and see what works.

Clean the house!
Another one that is always a work in progress. I have been staying on top of E’s room and the half bathroom downstairs. I still need to get my bedroom and the upstairs bathrooms done. The kitchen is ok but could use a good scrub down. The living room? Well I don’t even bother anymore. I cleaned that sucker Thursday afternoon and by Friday it was destroyed again.

Pack my bag.
Almost done! I packed my hospital bag {and the diaper bag for the baby} yesterday when I had off. The only things I need to get myself are some comfy PJs and sports bras. I am making a trip to Wally World this week to look for some things. The only thing I will need to back before we head to the hospital is my hair dryer, straightner, and makeup!

Pack E’s bag. I really need to get working on this one! It’s hard to pack for him because the weather has been so goofy {hot then cold then hot again}. And I know if I pack any of his toys or books, he will start looking for them!

Buy “Big Brother” and “Little Brother” shirts.

Finalize his name!
This may or may not be done!

Pick out a new diaper bag.
Done! My wonderful friends and family bought me my diaper bag for my SURPRISE shower this past weekend. I love it! It’s huge, holds a lot and is not bulky!

Stock up on diapers.
Another work in progress. I am happy to report that I have about 5 packs of diapers in the baby’s room. Not too bad! I am afraid to buy too many newborn size diapers in case this child is in fact a monster baby!

Pick out coming home outfit.
Done! E actually helped me pick out this outfit for “da brudder” to come home in. It’s funny…this is the exact outfit I had picked for E to come home in. But it was too big for my “little” preemie!

Pre-register at hospital.
I went to the hospital a few weeks ago to do this. When I got there, I was informed that I was already pre-registered! They did it for me. That was easy!

Make appointment to fill out paperwork.
Done and paperwork is filled out! I signed all my paperwork this week at my doctor’s appointment.

Buy misc. baby stuff. {a very long list in and of itself!}
Still buying stuff! Again, this will be work in progress. I will always be buying baby stuff!

Drag out old baby stuff {I don’t even remember what we have}.
Done! And everything has been washed and put away.

Remain calm.
Yeah right!

Don’t even make me laugh!

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  1. You're getting so freaking close mama!!! I was the same way with packing Carter's bag and I just packed a TON of outfits (shorts/short sleeved shirts, pants/long sleeve shirts, spring PJ's, warm PJ's and every combo in between!) May is hard!

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