wordFUL wednesday

So much for a light dusting and rain?

There is about 2 inches outside and its really coming down. You can’t even see across the parking lot. Good news though, we are getting out early {woohoo!} right when the snow is supposed to take a break before coming back with a vengeance tonight.

For you east coasters, if you have to drive in this, please be careful {4 Wheel Drive or not}.

It’s gonna get ugly {snow day tomorrow?!}!

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  1. Our weather is exactly the same! it's dreadful out there and they sent the kids to school to dismiss early, but my husband and I made the choice to keep our daughter home. not worth it for 3 hours. Plus the bus was so late the parents and kids left the bus stop too. Be safe and stay warm! Are you in PA.?

  2. @ Jill – Yup, I am in PA. North of Philly! Our schools are closing early. They got the kids in safe and now they are waiting for the break to get them home.

  3. So you're north of Philly? That's where I used to be! Now I'm in slightly-south Jersey and here's how my day went: Took 3 hours to get in to the office. 1 hour later they announced we were closing. Good times. NO WAY I'm going through that tomorrow! And I think you should think twice yourself because it is so nasty out there!

    Nice to "meet" you thru Bliss @ Home. 🙂

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