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Plan with Me: Work-At-Home Organizational Tips

Over the years, I’ve tried it all, different ways to get organized, with a lot of trial and error. Some worked, some didn’t. What I did learn is that I like everything within arms reach. I need to have immediate access to the tools I need to get it done!

Work-At-Home Organizational Tips

Here are some other organizational tips that work for me! 

Three-Drawer Filing Cabinet

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I have a corner desk, and on it I have my computer, printer, fax, phone, etc. Beside my desk I have a three-drawer filing cabinet. This was possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever done to get organized. It stores stationery, client files, a file for my receipts, all personal correspondence, paper, folders, etc. Having the filing cabinet right by desk, when I need a folder, an order slip for my books, a copy of my stationery, it’s all right there. 


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I have a thing for baskets. Small ones. Large ones. Wicker. Metal. You just never can have too many baskets! I use baskets around the house as a catch all: for mail, toys, shoes, you name it! We have a round basket by the front door just for mail. I can sort through the mail on my way in from the mailbox and throw in what needs to be addressed. Junk gets tossed in the trash! It doesn’t even make it into the basket. 

Mini-Expanding File Folder

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Being a small business owner, I have to keep all the receipts! I used to just throw them in an envelope but an envelope is easy to misplay or, worse, toss. I have a mini-expanding file folder that I throw all the receipts in. When I come home from a trip, the receipts immediately go in the file folder. I try to keep it separated by category: food, incidentals, and office supplies. 

Erin Condren Life Planner

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If you follow me already, you know I can’t live without my Erin Condren Life Planner. I’d be lost without it! Truly. I have the three blocks sorted for personal, cleaning, and work. And at the bottom? I add in our meal plan. I try to sit down every weekend and plan out the upcoming week. This helps my family stay on track and things get done.

Three-ring Binders 

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Sometimes you have to go old school! Aside from my planner, I am totally obsessed with three-ring binders. In fact, I have one for everything. I have a home binder, a blogging binder, a tax binder, a Home & School Binder, etc. When I take on a large project, I make a binder for that as well! What do I put in the binders? Client e-mails I need to save, work that I’ve done so I can review it later, invoices, papers that come home from school, and more! You would be amazed how clearer things are in a binder than tossed in a file cabinet. 

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Now that you have the tools to be organized, you have to keep it that way! Start the beginning and end of the day with a simple clean-up. When you are done with a project, away it goes. When you start the next project, out comes all the material you need. There’s nothing like the feeling of sitting down in the morning to a nice clean organized work space. 

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