Y’All Think Two is Bad?

Clearly, you haven’t hit three yet.

I was once told by a very knowledgeable Home Depot employee the following.

“It’s the terrible two’s, the horrible three’s, and the f-ing four’s.”

My oldest was two at the time and in the throes of the terrible twos. I laughed. She didn’t know what she was talking about. How could it get any worse? It could only get better, right?


How naive I was.

I am here to tell you that three is no picnic. And if four is worse than three, then I would like to skip right on over to five. I seriously do not know how much more I can take.

Currently, we are in the back talking stage coupled with the “I can’t” stage. Everything I say is met with “No, you do….”. When he is prompted to do something over and over, he whines “I can’t” and throws himself on the floor. It doesn’t matter what I ask him to do. I could ask him to dive head first into a tub of chocolate ice cream with rainbow jimmies. I would still get the “No you dive head first into a tub of chocolate ice cream with rainbow jimmies.” It would then be quickly followed with an “I can’t” whine-fest.

We have tried everything we can to “discipline” this behavior. We’ve ignored. We’ve taken toys away. We’ve put him in time out. We’ve sent him to his room. We’ve taken away the iPad {the horror!}. Nothing works. The only thing that ends happening is one or both of us in tears and a lot of giving in.

I wish I had the magical cureall cure all for the horrible three’s {and the terrible two’s and the f-ing four’s}, I would share it with the world. But I don’t.

But I do have wine!

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  1. You had to write this on Kendall's 3rd birthday, didn't you! Here I thought we were escaping it! 🙂

  2. Oh girl. I feel you. Two was a breeze. All he'll broke loose after the third birthday.

    I am tired. Soooo tired of the whining, throwing. Screaming, back talk, and a variety of other not nice things.

    I still love him fiercely but man alive! Help me.

  3. Well hate to burst your merry little bubble, 5 & 6 were no picnic either! with each year come a new set of behavior issues. I was not a fan of the 3s. Heres hoping that 4 cant be any worse with Cal than three was!

  4. oh, no! Take a breath and don't give in, don't give in, don't give in….they love it when you do that 🙂
    Here are some thoughts in case you'd like them:
    How to Break 10 Common Childhood Myths at amazon
    Hope it gives you some giggles and ideas!!

  5. Sending prayers, a perscription for xanax and a coupon good for a case of wine.. Not really but I would if I could.. The prayers I can do. For E that he lives to see 4 lol

  6. I love what you were told by the Home Depot employee! But am so very afraid, my twins will be 3 next birthday, and they are already such a handful!

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