Yoda Paper Bag Puppet

Yesterday, I shared with you a really fun and easy craft for your kids, a Chewbacca Paper Bag Puppet.  Now if you think we stopped at Chewbacca when making these fun paper bag puppets, you would be very, very wrong. In fact, we turned six of our favorite Star Wars characters into these fun paper bag puppets!

Up next, YODA!

yoda paper bag puppet



Yoda Paper Bag Puppet

To make a Yoda Paper Bag Puppet, you will need the following supplies:

yoda paper bag puppet-1


Start your yoda puppet by cutting out a rectangle to fit the paper bag flap with the green construction paper. Glue to the flap of the paper bag.

yoda paper bag puppet-2

Next, trim the white construction paper to fit the paper portion of the paper bag. This will be Yoda’s robe.

yoda paper bag puppet-3

When gluing the robe to the bag, make sure you leave some excess on the sides so your puppet will open.

yoda paper bag puppet-4

Next, on the green construction paper, draw a set of Yoda’s ears. I made a shape similar to a flower petal for ours. Attach on either side of Yoda’s head with a glue stick.

yoda paper bag puppet-5

Now it’s time to let Yoda see! Attach the googly eyes to the green construction paper with white glue. With a black crayon, draw a nose and mouth. To add some life to Yoda, use the black crayon to add shadowing to his ears and wrinkles around his eyes.

yoda paper bag puppet-6

Now you have your very own Master Yoda!

yoda paper bag puppet-11

Looking for more Star Wars Paper Bag Puppets?

chewbacca paper bag puppet-11

Chewbacca Paper Bag Puppet


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