You are Loved.

Lately, I have been thinking about the changes that the new baby is going to bring for us. One of the things that my mind seems to be focusing on is how will I possible be able to give both my babies the same amount of love, time, and attention. Is it even possible?

I am sure that most mothers {and mothers-to-be} worry think about this at some point {right?}.

I remember the moment I saw E for the first time {24 hours after his birth} and how that felt. My heart exploded. It grew. It was completely overwhelmed. As soon as his face perked up to the sound of my voice and those eyes glared right through me, I was in love. And I fell pretty hard for that little guy!

Could I possible have this same reaction this time around?

How can my heart and my love grow any more?

Maybe because I am a second child and had a lot of the “Second Child Syndrome” {more on that later}, I feel like it’s not possible. Every decision we make for this child, I second guess. What if we did more in preparation for E than this baby? The hubster says “How would he know?”. This is all well and true but the fact remains that I would know!

I know the moment I look into this little guy’s eyes, my heart will explode again. I will under no doubts have more decisions to worry ponder about.

But I know deep down in my heart that will be possible to have that feeling again.

My heart will grow some more.

And it will be the best feeling in the world.

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  1. Yes, I think most moms think about these things when they have their second child. The first one has been so used to getting all of the attention and we worry that they will feel left out and pushed aside but, at the same time, we want to make sure we will love the second as much as the first.

    You will definitely fall instantly in love again. You WILL NOT be able to give them each equal amounts of your time. The baby will take up most of your time and the older one will start learning independence. You will not take as many pics of the second because you won't have as much time. There will be times that you will be so stressed out and the babies will be crying and so will you
    BUT . . . it is so worth it!!!

    April@Party of Five

  2. You don't think it can, but your heart definitely grows.

    When it comes to time, of course the baby will get more than E because babies just need more attention. But it's not always the amount of time that's important. It;s the quality of the time spent together.

  3. I remember being a young mom and thinking this exact same thing. I never though I could love my 2nd child as much as my first. But you can, and you will. Your heart will explode all over again!

  4. I worried about that so much, and even after the baby was born, I felt so guilty. It took time, and there is definitely enough love for two.

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