You Capture ~ Motion


This week’s You Capture theme is Motion. Again, I have Sophia (my niece) as my model. When we were taking her “Official 6 Year Old” pictures, she was running around trying to think of new poses. That’s when I told her to just be her and do whatever. She started jumping, spinning, and doing cartwheels.





The spinning and cartwheel pictures didn’t come as great as the jumping ones. It was really hard to get my timing on those (that and I promised her I would delete the ones that showed her undies!).

To see more photos in motion, head on over to i should be folding laundry.

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  1. The color and crispness of these shots are gorgeous! I can't see the first shot but I will check back later.

  2. I love that she wanted to have modesty and not show her underwear. Mine, forget they are supposed to have modesty in dresses. She is a great model!

  3. Amazing motion shots!! My favs are actually the last two – perhaps it is the slight blur that makes it more real. I just love them 😀

  4. Gorgeous shots! I love the cartwheel one–glad you were able to get one that you could use here. 🙂

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