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Remember when I was so excited because my new baby was coming home? Yeah, well apparently this Momma can’t read (or was just too excited and skimmed over the description and hit buy before the hubster could have a change a heart and say to hold off on buying the lens, phew!).

When my new baby arrived, I ripped open the box and popped the lens on my camera. And something was wrong. Very, very wrong. It wasn’t focusing. Hmm…maybe I needed to push a button or something.

I took out the manual and started looking. It said it should autofocus. But why wasn’t it? Was it broken?

I hopped on the interwebs and consulted Mr. Google. And here is what he said:


Here’s a little DSLR lesson for you (I know you are so interested).

My camera (the d60) does not contain the autofocusing mechanism in the actual camera body. This function is found in the lens. When looking for a lens for the d60 (and the d40), I you need to make sure the lens is either AF-S or HSM.

I know this. However, I failed to take 5 minutes and actually read the description of the lens I was buying. And that is totally my fault.

Thankfully, the good people at Adorama have a great return policy and I sent my new baby back to its original home. Unfortunately, they did not have the one that I needed. So I turned to my other good friend, Ms. Amazon. I knew she wouldn’t let me down and, in deed, had the correct lens.

I am happy to report that I do have a new baby safely placed on my camera. I will spend a good part of the weekend testing her out and breaking her in.

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  1. I doubt I would have known that either. I'm just glad you remedied the sitch and can photograph this weekend! Welcome to your baby!

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