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Yesterday, we made the trek across the state to visit the hubster’s side of the family for an early Christmas celebration. His grandparents used to come out every year for Christmas but as they got older, the trip became too much for them. So we decided that we would come to them! Any excuse for two Christmases right?

I also look forward to our time out here because I know I will get to truly relax. No internet connection. Plenty of people willing to watch your kid so you can pop out to shop for a few hours. Naps. I love it!

I am so glad that we took extra time this year too. Last year, we left on a Friday after work and didn’t get there until almost 9 pm and then go up early Sunday morning to drive home. Not a lot of time for anything. But not this year! We decided to take off not only Friday, but Thursday as well so that we could spend as much time with family as possible {and not be crammed in the car all weekend!}.

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