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Two weeks ago, I was informed at work that they were going to build me a new office. At the time, I resided in a cubicle and was pretty happy. However, they were hiring someone new and they needed a spot. Would I mind giving it up?
Did I have a choice?
I moved in yesterday. I never thought they would have the office ready so quickly. Remember, they had to build the office. Every day we watched the progress and it was amazing. One day, nothing. The next, walls. The following day, it was painted. Next thing I knew, I was asked to pack my stuff up. 
I am still getting used to being by myself and not having anyone to talk to. Amazingly, yesterday flew right by. I thought for sure the day would drag and I would have to stare at the sterile white wall all day. 
I am going to dig around the house for some prints to hang on the wall and I might just buy a “faux” tree for the one corner. I have to make it cozy!
Only one downfall. No door. Yes, you heard me right. No door. There actually isn’t any room for a door. It would either block me in or I’d have to keep it shut all day. 
Like that would be so horrible!

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  1. Cute new office! I use to have an office all to myself, until we hired our associate pastor. Now I am out with 2 other gals. It's great most of the time, but sometimes I just would rather be alone.

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