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When I was Toy Fair 2014, I saw a ton of new products that were going to be hitting the shelves this year. One of those were ZipStix by Hog Wild.


As soon as the package arrived, the boys were eager to rip open the packages and play!


So how do they work?

ZipStix remind me of slap bracelets {you remember those, right?} that are skateboards. Lock the skateboard by grabbing both ends and flex until it “clicks.”  Then just line up your ZipStix to the peg on the launcher. Hold down your launcher and gently push down until it begin to curl. Release and get ready to see it launch!


ZipStix are recommended for ages 4 and up but really Ben got the concept pretty easily. Just watch the little pieces with younger kids. There are many different ways to play with ZipStix. Crash them, race them, just have fun with them! There are so many ZipStix “teams” {there are 72 boards in Series One!} to collect they would make the perfect Easter basket filler!

You ready to grab a set for yourself?

Win it!

zipstix giveaway


One lucky winner will win a ZipStix Prize Pack containing the following:

  1. ZipStix Starter Pack {1 ZipStix and 1 Launcher} Starter Pack has everything you need to get zipping! High-octane graphics lay flat like a skateboard and then curl up like a runaway wheel when launched!
  2. ZipStix Dual Pack {2 ZipStix, 1 Launcher and 3 Crash Cones}: Dual Pack zips you to the next level with one more ZipStix and the addition of the three Crash Cones. Lock and unload on the Crash Cones – a fun fly-away target to aim for!
  3. ZipStix Stunt Pack {2 ZipStix, 2 Launchers, 3 Crash Cones and 1 Kicker Ramp}: Stunt Pack lets you crash and fly! Use the dual-angle Kicker Ramp to compete for distance. Set the Crash Cones beyond a hazard and battle for distance and accuracy.
  4. ZipStix Mega Pack {6 ZipStix, 2 Launchers, 6 Crash Cones, 1 Kicker Ramp and 1 Quarter Pipe Ramp} Mega Pack gives you more of everything and introduces the Quarter Pipe for unbelievable sick tricks.

ended giveaway


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  1. My boys would have a blast with these. Gaeb turns 3 next week and I could sneak it into his birthday gift 🙂 His older brother Caedyn will be the one doing tricks and challenges with that stunt pack!

  2. all my kiddos would love this especially with the nice spring weather coming 🙂

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