Crystal Light: Low Calorie Drinks

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I hate drinking water. Hate it. If you see me drinking water, it’s because either I am out of something else and it’s the only we have left in the fridge or I am severely dehydrated. In fact, the only way I tolerate water is if I add some Crystal Light, low calorie drinks.


I have to thank my mom for introducing Crystal Light to me back in the day of the canisters. She would make pitchers of Iced Tea for us to share. Now, I stock the pantry with stacks of the To Go Packs so I can easily grab one when I am on the run. Which is most days.

Now and then I like to have a little fun with my Crystal Light and change it up a bit. How? I mix the packets! Oh yes, I do. The combinations are seriously endless especially with the variety of flavors that are available. I seriously stood in the aisle at Walmart trying to decide which ones to buy next.


Of course I grabbed my favorites, Iced Tea and Lemonade. But I also got a little adventurous and grabbed Wild Strawberry. I normally mix the Iced Tea and Lemonade but I think I have a new favorite: Strawberry Lemonade! Go ahead, try it. I dare you!


Now I know what you are thinking. Buying all of these Crystal Lights causes a lot of waste. Well, that’s only if you don’t get creative and find a use for that empty container! The possibilites are endless.

I use mine as a sunglass holder!

Upcycled Crystal Light Container Sunglass Holder

Upcycled Crystal Light Container Sunglass Holder

Simply remove the wrapper on the front.


If you want bonus points, decorate it with some scrapbooking paper you may have laying around.


Then just slip your glasses in there (when they aren’t on your head) so they don’t get scratched up in your purse!


Looking for more ways to reuse your Crystal Light containers? Check out these ideas.

That’t not all you can do with Crystal Light! You can earn Platinum points when you buy participating Crystal Light products at Walmart to get exclusive Miranda Lambert rewards.

About Plantinum Points


Earn rewards by purchasing Crystal Light products!  Then snap a photo of your receipt to verify your purchase. Choose from a variety of exclusive Miranda Lambert rewards.

At the end of the program, one winner will be randomly selected. All purchases must be made by December 31, 2014, receipts submissions must be submitted by November 15, 2014, and points redemptions must be submitted by January 15, 2015. See Official Rules for details.

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  1. What a great idea! I am a huge Crystal Light Fan and I need to start making fun things out of those containers!

  2. I am always looking for new ways to use old containers- I love this one, and have some crystal Light containers on hand already! #Client

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