Can’t You Just Feel the Love?

My boys {the big one AND the little one} were so loving towards me this weekend. I just felt so incredibly loved by them!

As I was getting ready to go to Girl’s Lunch Out on Saturday {more on that later,  the little one wouldn’t even say good-bye to me. Gee, I’ll miss you too buddy!

When I came home, the greeting was just as warm. I got a “Hey, Mom” and he went back to watching a movie with the hubster. Gee, nice seeing you too.

Later at dinner, we were going over who’s a girl and who’s a boy {a little game we like to play to with E}.

I asked “Are you a boy or girl?”.
E answered “Boy.”

I asked, “Is Dad a boy or girl?”
He answered, “Boy.”

I asked, “Is Mom a boy or girl?”
He answered, “You’re a drama queen, Mom.”

Can you tell he’s been spending too much time with his father?

As if I wasn’t feeling enough love already, the hubster decided to join in on the love fest yesterday. I was putting the groceries away in our new pantry and I hear from my ever so loving husband “Wow. You look huge from this angle.”

I think my head spun around five times and flames shot out of my eyes.

He immediately tried to back peddle and say things like “Well, it’s because you are so far along” and “It must be the way I’m laying.”

The amount of love in my house is almost too much, don’t you think?


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  1. Not that your pregnant belly is really huge or you're really a drama queen… or are they right? 😉

  2. Either he is very brave o very stupid lol.. I am opting for stupid and attribute it to the overabundance of testosterone ..yeah that's it

  3. That's too funny that E referred to you as a drama queen. And I cannot believe what came out of your husband's mouth! Feel the love!

  4. That is too funny! Loved meeting you finally, it was a great time on Saturday!

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